QA software testing services


With 7 years of experience in providing software quality assurance services, we guarantee failure-free software operation.

Calibre’s QA engineers are experts at devising efficient testing and quality management processes for your project using the latest technologies and testing standards.

Whether your software is small or complex – you can depend on our QA software testing services.

Why you need a QA testing

Quality assurance is not only about having a bug-free software, it is so much more!

Save Money

Fixing software can be extremely expensive, especially in the later stages of the development cycle. A thorough quality assurance approach, like Calibre’s, helps you identify bugs and problems early-on.

User Satisfaction

The quality and performance of your software impact your end-users the most. A smooth trouble-free software operation keeps the users (customers) satisfied with your product.

Business Reputation

Releasing a buggy product in the market can cause serious harm to your business reputation. A high-quality product can help you build a loyal customer base and have an advantage over competitors.


Our rigorous QA and testing services help identify and fix security-related concerns within your software, allowing you to release a fault-free, highly-secure and trustworthy product in the market.

types of QA software testing

Our comprehensive set of QA and testing services offer a solution for all your testing and quality management needs.
We verify that every feature of your software meets the business requirements.
We test the ability of your system to perform under varying workloads.
We measure the ease-of-use and intuitiveness of your software.
We offer automation testing services that use the latest computerised testing tools to execute test cases.
We test each individual unit of your source code for quality and functionality.
We evaluate if new features can be added or existing ones can be modified within a software.
We test the quality and performance of your application on mobile devices.
We perform QA software testing using cloud infrastructure to artificially generate high-traffic.

Since 2014, Calibre has provided QA software testing services in Canada and US, to help clients perfect the quality of their software products.

Our QA testing process

Quality is paramount in determining the competitiveness and success of your product in the marketplace. With our end-to-end testing and QA services, we make sure that your products are: functional, usable, reliable, efficient, and consistent.

Requirement Analysis

We begin with a thorough analysis of the requirements of the software product in terms of its functionalities, specifications, and design. This allows the quality assurance team to know exactly what needs to be tested.

Testing Planning

During the test planning stage of our QA software testing process, we devise a test strategy outlining objectives and coverage of the test project. We also estimate the risks and cost of the testing process at this stage.

Test Case Development

We write detailed test scenarios that are executed to check every functionality. We also prepare smoke test cases to ensure that all aspects of the software are tested for quality and performance.

Test Environment Setup

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to quality assurance. We set up a test environment that closely matches the environment in which the application will be used after deployment.

Test Execution

Depending upon your project, we perform manual and automated testing procedures to carefully execute all the test cases. We catch and fix every bug in your product so that your users can have a trouble-free experience.

Test Cycle Closure

QA software testing is an iterative process. We test your product cyclically until the quality meets your pre-defined acceptance criteria.

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