what is software as a service (SaaS)?

If you wish to smartly monetize your business idea with a consistent revenue stream, you should consider choosing SaaS development for your software offerings.

Software-as-a-service — also known as SaaS, on-demand, multi-tenant, or application-as-a-service software — is a revolutionary software product that has allowed us to move beyond the constraints that on-premises software systems present. While traditional on-premise (“on-prem”) software needs to be installed on every single computer system being used at an organization, SaaS applications have no such requisite. They are offered to clients “on the cloud” and can be used over the Internet via a web browser.

Our experts will develop a SaaS model that is scalable, secure, and lightning-fast, that can provide your clients with a sustainable license-based pricing model.

the rise in demand for SaaS products

SaaS applications bring certain advantages that customers wish to achieve in order to make their lives easier and their task performance simpler and quicker.

Lower initial costs

Your customers won’t need to invest in physical hardware just so they can handle large applications and data. Your application will allow them to use cloud-based resources.

Quick Setup

With your app already running on the cloud, your clients will save all the time that is otherwise wasted in the initial installation, setup, and configuration of on-prem software.

Easier upgrades

Since all the magic will happen in the cloud, managed by you, your customers will save the cost and effort of deploying, maintaining, and upgrading the application.

Lower initial costs

If your customer’s workload grows over time, they will need more resources for handling it. SaaS development can provide easy scalability as well as third-party integrations for better performance.

why go for a SaaS based model?

At Calibre, our innovative SaaS development process falls in line with your business model. Choosing Calibre as your SaaS application development partner will benefit you in numerous ways.

Focus on the business — we handle the tech

Capture the market for cloud-based solutions

No more hiring expensive talent for SaaS development

Efficient, affordable, and scalable for clients

Cater to clients from a variety of industries

Multi-tenant SaaS architecture — multiple clients!

Regular support and maintenance

Minimal maintenance charges

Suitable database integrations

Partitioning to avoid data overlap

services offered in SaaS application development

Our skilled software development experts will help you with the various phases of SaaS application development — from product engineering and security design to release planning and license/subscription management — so that your SaaS application stays up and running, continuously serving as a steady source of revenue for you.

Product Engineering

We offer a product engineering and architecture experience that achieves highly flexible, scalable, easy-to-use, and secure software.

Security Design

SaaS applications can bring forth a serious challenge in terms of security. We will take care of it so you can guarantee a safe user experience to your clients.

Release Planning

We deploy and manage your software so there is no need to invest in expensive server hardware or hosting skills or services.

License Management

The software that you pay us to build is owned by you. You do not owe us any licensing fee. You can offer your product to clients on a subscription basis.

IP Rights

IP Rights The application that we develop for you will be owned solely by you. You will have complete legal rights over your software product.

your offerings can take the shape of

Web Applications

saas MVP product development

Going for a SaaS-based model gives you one major advantage. Since your customers will be using resources as they need, you can use the initial run of your SaaS offering to test the waters.

Instead of investing all your capital into an untested, full-fledged SaaS software application, you can avail our services for developing a software product on a much smaller scale, known as a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). With an MVP, you will be able to easily monitor client feedback and take the next steps accordingly. Your SaaS offering can then be modified according to what the users want before it is scaled up to accommodate a larger number of users.

Our process

industries we serve

SaaS application development is our forte and we have delivered a large number of software products for clients across the globe. As your software partner, we will commit ourselves to understanding your industry and your project’s nuances before we initiate any programming work. You can count on us as your chosen SaaS development company.

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A custom web application designed to track your business processes by managing employees and client projects.

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